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Men's Issues Therapy

Many men are at a loss as to how to truly thrive in the world today. Role models for healthy masculinity have been lacking. The "new economy" has been particularly harsh on positions traditionally held by men. "Virtual reality" has become more captivating in the absence of a positively engaging real world.  A number of challenges face men bringing them into counseling.

As a man who has struggled with a variety of issues, I bring this critical understanding of a male therapist into the counseling relationship with men's issues that a female therapist just can't provide.  Whether you are:

  • experiencing anxiety or depression
  • stressed and overwhelmed by all you are responsible for
  • trying to manage the anger that gets out of control
  • reeling from shame due to sex addiction or substance abuse
  • feeling adrift with loss of direction and motivation
  • struggling with a job transition
  • feeling inadequate and not having much to contribute
  • having conflict in your relationships
  • or some other problem that has been troubling you...

I will powerfully yet compassionately support you in finding the fulfillment you are looking for.

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