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I came to counseling after a lifetime of naturally finding myself in the role in many situations.  Additionally, I encountered several trying life circumstances that have deepened my understanding of myself and the human condition, providing me with a good mix of humility, strength, and compassion.

I went on to receive my Master's degree in Systems Counseling from Bastyr University's Leadership Institute of Seattle where the emphasis is on taking in the whole picture rather than just the separate parts.  Much value is placed on the self of the practitioner as an instrument for change.  I appreciated their very experientially-oriented approach to healthy change.

Authenticity is my core value.  I struggled to claim it for myself and believe that it is my calling to help others realize their authentic expression so that not only their own lives may be better, but indeed for the whole world to be enhanced.

I bring myself fully to the therapeutic relationship, believing that if clients are to muster the courage to come into counseling, then the therapist ought to do likewise.  I accept clients wherever they are at, believing this to be the most important element for healthy connection for the work to unfold, committed to the client's greater well-being but without attachment to the outcome.  With empathy or rigor , humility or humor, whatever is appropriate in the moment, I lend these to the treatment being provided.  It is my desire to support clients in embracing who they truly are and a life they love living .